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15 July 2007

Travel, Day 1 Complete

When I logged on, I thought I'd write about how valium worked like a charm on the cat. Or how we didn't leave until 11 am yesterday, and I was so tired from packing and cleaning the house. Or how we found a real steal of a motel room ($40, including pets!) . Or how a "real steal" actually means your money, considering the LOUD MUSIC AT 3 AM that the front desk girl said she couldn't do anything about. Or how the cat was fine during the night, but the dog whined and whined (may have had something to do with the [loose] cat choosing the top of the [not loose] dog's crate as the perfect hang out spot). Or how I'm not so sure the cat swallowed the valium this morning, but I can't find the pill anywhere, so I'm afraid to over-dose him, so today's travel with cat may not be so mellow.

Instead, I have to tell you that the rental truck doesn't have a way for us to plug in our iPods, so the Consort said he wanted to burn some music CDs to play in the CD slot of the truck. And what type of music does he choose to keep himself awake for this second, longer, day of travel? Vienna Teng! Her songs make him cry, people! She's not a heavy metal chick or rock queen, she's a balladeer!

I cannot believe this man.