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06 July 2007

Finishing Up Loose Ends

Mizmell asked what pattern I used for my skirt. I used the Sew What! Skirts book I bought in the spring. About a month ago I bought some brown flowery print that caught my eye:

I washed and ironed the fabric, but then put it aside when things got busy. I really wanted to make an A-line skirt with it, to go with a brown t-shirt I got for myself. Here's the result:

I also finished up the secret things I planned to make with some quilted fabric. Remember that stuff?

They became casserole carriers, for our potluck buddies:

I really ought to get packing, but I detest packing. I did go through Trixie's room with her yesterday, so we've sorted out two big bags of trash, a large pile of recycling, and have made "to stay" and "to come" piles. I just have to box things up.

Then, I have to box up the office stuff I'll be taking. Yuck. I've voiced the wish that I could just blink my eyes and skip the next 10 days, and find myself in New Hampshire already. But the rest of the family think that living throught this week of Hell will be fun.

Clearly, they don't share genes with me, those loons.

PS: The FedEx man just delivered an envelope to our door. So I can now say, with no worries of any trickster gods hearing, that we have renters for our house. They'll be arriving in August for a one-year law clerkship. Yahoo! The only worry I have is that the house will be empty for six weeks. But everything should work out fine (crossing my fingers). Plus, they would prefer to bring as little as possible, so we'll be most likely leaving our dishes and our bed for them, as well as most other furniture. We'll have lots of garage sale-ing and thrift store shopping to do during the peak of garage sale season. How many people get a chance to redo their furnishings from scratch, I ask you? The adventure begins.....