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29 March 2007

Today's Link Theme Is: Selection

1. The US Postal Service will be putting out Star Wars stamps, and you can go vote for the design you like best. (They'll ask for your email, but it's just so you can vote only once per day). Go select your favorite. (Please! Because when I went, the one with most votes was Darth Maul. Yuck! BTW, I voted for the original Obi-Wan Kenobi.)

2. Mother Jones is running a quiz called "Iraq 101". Fifteen questions to see how much you know. NOTE: You have to keep track of how many you get right, because it doesn't do it for you. Go select your multiple-choice answers and see how much you know. (In fairness, I should disclose I got 9 out of 15.)

3. Anna at The End of Motherhood? shared a link to the Gender Genie, which supposedly predicts if an author is male or female. Paste in some blog text (or any other writing) and it will select your gender. (Incorrectly, for me, I might add. I inserted some blog posts, and I came up male in 2 out of 3. Ahem.)