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27 April 2006

World Music Site

I probably won’t be able to post much in the next few days: we’ve got houseguests!

In the meantime, may I suggest you all go visit calabashmusic.com. It’s a fair trade music site, and they specialize in world music. Their stuff is compatible with iTunes, and you can buy $20 worth of songs (99 cents a song) for $14.99 (not a bad deal!).

Plus, every week, they have a free download. Who can argue with free music? Sometimes it isn’t so good, but sometimes it’s very very good.

When you’re there, check out the video from Sara Tavares (on the main page). I listened, and I liked it so much I bought the entire album. I’ve got a thing for Cape Verde women artists (Cesaria Evora is also high on my playlist).

I’ve also added Stegbeetle’s site Solid Gone to my Links list.

That’s all for now.