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06 April 2006

News and Achoos

So what's your favorite remedy for getting over a cold? I've got one (a cold, that is), and that's the "achoos" of the title.

Well, today, the remedy I followed was "Spend two hours with the consultant finalizing the plan for redoing the kitchen" (need I say, it wasn't very successful?*). But that's the "news": Hopefully by the end of May, our 1960s outdated and awkwardly set up kitchen will be new new new!

We figure that either: (a) The Consort won't get tenure, in which case a kitchen redo is a very good investment when preparing to sell a house, or (b) The Consort will get tenure, in which case the teeny tiny increase in pay from Assistant to Associate professor will help us pay off the new kitchen. But even if (b) turns out to be true, we might not stay here past 3 more years, hence we're back to the reasoning behind (a).

Now, excuse me while I go stick my head above a bowl of steaming water.

*The remedy, not the consultation. That went fine.