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10 April 2006

Slow Start Monday

What a gorgeous weekend it was! Spring weather (a bit chilly on Saturday, but at least sunny), so we spent a lot of time outdoors. I'll be posting some of our seedling pictures later. On Sunday, the Consort played with the city Ultimate league, as he does most Sundays (and Wednesdays, too). I decided that instead of making the rye bread I had planned to bake, we would all go spend a few hours in the park. While he ran and ran, we took a walk along the river, stood on the bridge, and watched the water flow beneath us. Today promises to be nice and warm as well.

Impera is wearing a skirt to school (!! -- Back in 3rd grade she only wore skirts. I had to make the rounds of the consignment stores in the area to get enough long skirts for her [they had to be long because a lot of Montessori work is done on small rugs on the floor, so comfort and modesty were a must]. Then she swore off skirts completely for the past 3 years. I would buy one a season, so in case she had to "dress up" [rather infrequently with our lifestyle], she'd have something. But now, in the Spring of 6th grade, she mentioned that she might like to have a couple of skirts. !!)

Tomorrow I won't be around most of the day because Impera's team has made it to the final round of the Battle of the Books. The kids are all very excited. So are the teachers; this is the first team Impera's school has ever had for this competition. I've been having a lot of fun meeting with the kids on a weekly basis, chatting about books. It looks like we will at least continue next year as well. Huzzah!

Sorry for the randomness. I'm sure I had tons of more pertinent things to say about heavier topics, but that will have to wait until later, I suppose.