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17 April 2006


We’re all very excited in the realm because the planned visit of Sis No. 2 and her family is coming up soon. On Friday I reminded everyone that it was a Big Clean weekend (an every-other-week occurrence) so that everything would be ready for the arrival on Wednesday of their aunt and cousins. Bathooms were scrubbed, furniture was dusted, refrigerators were cleaned out (OK, actually, we only have the one, but I was going with parallelism here, people). Yahoo!

Yesterday afternoon, I’m on the phone with Sis No. 2, and we’re getting excited about the visit coming up and I’m listening to all her stories about their Easter fun and dead-rodents-in-the-crawlspace unfun this weekend, and she mentions that she hopes to have all the icky stuff cleaned out by this coming weekend, because she wants to get new insulation in the crawlspace over the weekend.

“But…” I said.

“I just can’t wait until this whole thing is over. I’ll take cockroaches over rats any day,” she continues.

“But…” I try, more urgently.

“From now on, my sweet spouse is just going to have to check the crawlspace out more often. Yuck!”

“But!” I cry, “you all will be at my house this weekend!”

“No, we’re arriving the 26th,” she says.

“I wrote it down months ago when we talked about it first,” I reply.

“I e-mailed you the airline itinerary, didn’t you read it?” she asks.

“I checked the arrival time,” I tell her. I also noticed it confirmed a Wednesday arrival, so I looked no further.

“Well, it’s the 26th,” she says again.

Oh, OK.

(I swear she changed the dates after we first planned the visit!)