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10 August 2007

A Poll

So, how many of you routinely use the same towel to dry your face, your hands, a spill on the floor, or, say, a pet's dirty paws after a dewy morning walk?

I ask because I have been accused of being a towelist -- a person who uses different towels for different uses (hand towels for hands, dish towels for dishes, dog towels for dogs [and cats: I am open-minded, see?]). What's wrong with that? "Separate but equal," that's my motto. And I refuse to be made ashamed. I cannot be the only one.

But the Towel Multi-use Society (damned insurgents, I say) keeps ignoring my towel-use proclamations.

This is driving me batty (as well as grossing me out).

All the more so because the member of the TMS does seem to agree with my spongist proclamations (you know, the ones about one sponge used for washing dishes, and a separate one for wiping counters and tabletops).

Good thing my Youth Towelist Brigade has been well-trained to follow, without question, the Path of Towel Apartheid.