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09 April 2007

Sharing Random Weekend Thoughts: Updated with Randomness #6

1. Easter was fun, if a little cold. Where by "little" I mean that all the bulb flowers in the neighborhood are officially dead, their almost-opened buds, stems, and big fat leaves flopped over in a freeze death. The blossoms on the pear trees are most probably dead, too. And it seems that the apples may not make it, either. Considering we'll be gone during the pear and apple season this year, and that whoever rents our place won't be into harvesting our pesticide-free gnarly-lookin' pears and apples, this is probably a good thing. But it's sad to see, nonetheless. (We may get snow tonight and Tuesday.)

2. The hunt was held indoors:

Notice the regimented organization of the loot (this is the only way we can make sure that all the eggs have been found.) Although the girls are too old for it, they got bubble solution, jump ropes, and silly putty. I was proven wrong about the silly putty -- they played with it all afternoon. And the loot has to be split four ways, even though there are only two hunters (so although there was much loot, it's not as excessive as may seem).

3. Many of the decorated eggs were eaten:

4. The Consort and I realized yesterday that when we return from sabbatical, Impera will have ONLY FOUR MORE years with us before she goes off to college -- FOUR measly years! I am NOT ready. The Consort said he now understands why parents urge their kids to start producing grandkids: Once you have your own, you kind of get addicted to having little ones around!

5. We can no longer ignore the fact that our cat is a junkie:

Can you see that? (You may have to see the large version of the picture.) The Consort put up a box of chicken wire around the catnip, because last spring without it the cat chewed the plant down to nubbins. It worked like a charm last year: he'd chew at whatever growth came up above the chicken wire. This year, after a few weeks of sneaking his paw under the box to drag a bit of catnip out, he's weakened the structure enough that he can stick his whole head under the wire to chew voraciously at the drug.


6. Alanis Morissette doing My Humps. How random is that?