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04 April 2007

Don't you think...

...that if it is "Iowa Severe Weather Awareness Week" that it might be a good idea to publicize? So that the Wednesday morning test of the tornado siren system doesn't come as a surprise to people, who may ignore the first siren blast, but by the second and third think, "Hmmm, this must be serious," and gather up their laptop and the dog and trudge to the chilly basement (considering we had snow this morning and expect a high of 43)?

A quick scan of the local radio stations comes up with nothing (although one of the frequencies is just silence, which freaks out these people even more), and a visit to the award-winning (harrumph!) newspaper results in no info, and it takes an Internet search (thank the gods for laptops and wi-fi) to a less than obvious site to figure out what the heck is going on.

This is not good, Iowa DHS people. Not good at all!