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23 April 2007

A Balanced Weekend

It's always a joy to have a weekend with the right balance of work and play. Being a list-maker type, I like to do the work part first, because then the work to be done doesn't weigh heavy on my mind. So, on Saturday morning, the Consort and I cleaned up the big room in the basement:

This is a weight off my shoulders, as it was one of the Big Chores that needed to be completed before we left for New Hampshire. Then, we celebrated the beautiful weather and Earth Day (one day early; I always think of it as April 21, because the solstices occur on the 21st of their respective months) by taking a walk in the woods. We followed a trail we hadn't taken before, and ended up at the Des Moines River, where we played in the mud, in the water, and climbed fallen trees:

Impera pointed out a bald eagle to all of us, too.

On Sunday, I went through winter clothes and summer clothes with the girls, we cycled our wardrobes to the correct season, and collected three large plastic bags of clothes to donate to the Salvation Army. In the evening, we had friends over for potluck.

It was a good weekend.