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07 March 2006

Random Blogging

People have been nice and leaving comments to my posts, but recently I haven’t responded to them. That’s not very nice. After all, I was the one who wanted a forum for conversation with friends old and new. So, I’ll be responding to questions you all left at the end of this post (because I don’t think it’s as easy for general readers to know when a comment has been left at a much later date than the post).

The reason I haven’t responded so much is that I’m trying to find a happy medium between posting and checking the blog once a day, and checking back continuously, so that all of a sudden I look up and, golly gee, it’s 2 o’clock! Not a very good use of time, indeed. So I dedicated one chunk of time to writing up a few posts, and I’ve tried just cutting and pasting a pre-written post in the morning. Well, there’s not a lot of life in that, is there? And, since I’ve typically been a last-minute person (I can’t think of a single paper I wrote in college where I could have handed it in early!), maybe I just can’t write that way.

So don't give up, keep reading (and my regular readers who don’t comment: just give it a try, won’t you? You might enjoy it). It is funny, I think, how some people are blog readers and some just aren’t. I’ve given the link to several friends, and some haven’t even visited once. I’ve also given the link to my sibs-in-law, and one visited once, the other never. In fact, one of my sibs (I won’t say who it is) originally said reading blogs seemed a bit dirty, like snooping in someone’s diary (well, except I want folks to read it). Hah. That was before she became addicted, I suppose, because she comes here all the time. (But she feels that her comments induce 24-hour silence on the list…)

I have a dilemma (let’s see who is still reading here in the middle of the post). There are currently two blogs that I read consistently that I haven’t put in my links list. Because one is a guy who from time to time talks about his love of visits to lap dancing establishments and his salivation for all the sexy co-eds where he teaches. And the other is a woman who I’m pretty sure got divorced because she cheated on her husband (he was clueless about the impending breakup). So, see, I don’t really respect these people, but I read their blogs. But I wouldn’t want my readership to think that I am condoning their type of behavior. I don’t think I’d be friends with them if I ever met them. The dilemma: should I keep reading these folks? I think I should just stop. But part of me wants to know what happens to them… Aaargh.

Now, as to some of what we’ve been discussing: 1) Ave Maria: I still disagree with Cowgirl and the Consort. If the guy wanted to have a small private fiefdom, fine—as long as it was kept private. Once the town becomes incorporated, it’s a different story. Now he can use my tax dollars to fund his wackiness. Think of Utah. They had to change their religion before they were accepted into the Union. That’s what I’m talking about. 2) Why can I say shit but not f***? Aha, I will use that tomorrow for Word Wednesday. 3) KW worried that the cat was on his way out because of the dog’s post. Never fear! Those two are really great friends. Right now the dog is in a bit of a post-surgery funk, that’s all. But I have to admit the cat definitely likes to test his limits; he knows when he’s getting close to bugging the dog. And he tries to stay right on the line between what she will ignore and what will get her goat. I’m pretty sure he likes it that way. 4) As to why we waited 5 years to spay the dog: That’s one of the problems of marrying into a pure-breed show-dog family. When they give you a dog, you pretty much have to have a litter of puppies to continue the line. And we did. Of course, I was the one who had to stay up all night, making sure the runt got enough food. I was the one who had to deal with all the puppy poop everywhere. So I’d been working on the Consort ever since the puppies. “Look how much cheaper it would be to register a spayed dog vs. a bitch”, “We won’t be showing her anymore, so we really shouldn’t produce any more puppies from her line”, “I will not be staying up all night anymore”, and so on. One day I will blog about how she got pregnant that time… But now, I really have to get to work!