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27 March 2006

A Placeholder Post

Today is the first day back to school after Spring Break. And it is raining. Pretty apt, don't you think? (Well, for the girls, maybe. I don't mind it so much.)

Things I'd like to blog about: The continuation of the Trixie vampire saga, another supernatural event that happened during our Europe year, another drinking story (with other, more responsible, people being more drunk than me, for a change), music on the Web, update on knitting adventures, and maybe some politics (although I am, not purposefully, not paying much attention these days), the pros and cons of Ethanol use in cars (see Cowgirl, I haven't forgotten!), ...

But today is Get All the Papers Together for the Accountant to Finally Be Able to Do Our Taxes Day. So, fun stuff will have to wait.

Too bad for you.

Mega too bad for me.