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27 January 2006

"Little Pitchers..." Complete

Well, KW got it, even if she wasn't *sure* she got it.

"Little pitchers have big ears" = "Watch what the heck you are saying because the kids can hear you and they understand more than you think they do!"

I am sorely disappointed in the rest of you. I distinctly remember learning this one in elementary school in a lesson on idioms. I can't believe this was taught only once, in the spring of 1978, say, in one school in all of the United States.

The Consort said, "if you ask me if there's a saying that's been around since 1546 and nobody's heard it, it's not a saying any more. Of great import for something to be a saying is that people somewhere have to be saying it." Well, Mr. I-bet-that-isn't-even-an-English-saying-I-bet-you're-just-remembering-a-French-saying, I am SURE that Faulkner, at least, used it (he must have, it just *sounds* so Faulkner-esque). Maybe if my sample size were larger, I would have gotten better responses (not that I want to data-mine -- no, not me!)

The Consort also said, "Because, you know what they say: 'A saying that most people don't know is like a unicorn.'"

True. And isn't it sad that you can't see the lovely unicorns?