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18 June 2007

Conversations with the Girls: Father's Day Edition

Impera—Or, Time to Call Protective Services

Impera: Dad!!! Why did you make me drink that rum? Now I can’t walk straight and everything looks wobbly. Sheesh!

Consort: Oops! Ha ha…*

Trixie—Or, TMI! TMI!

Trixie: Oral sex sounds like the grossest thing! Why would anybody want to put something that someone pees out of in their mouth? I bet that you guys haven’t done such a gross thing.


Trixie: Right, Mom and Dad?

[Imperatrix curiously finds the book she is reading incredibly interesting. Look at the fineness of the paper! See how the ink grips the fibers!]

Consort: Trixie, you want to be careful what questions you ask your parents.

*Just to clarify: Impera and the Consort were playing World of Warcraft, and were about to begin a quest. Impera had forgotten to sell items or store them at the bank, so her backpack was full. The Consort suggested she should drink a flask of rum she had picked up on a previous quest to unencumber another slot of her backpack. The programmers who design WoW have a great sense of humor. When you drink alcohol in the game, several things happen to you. First, you start walking funny and the world goes tipsy on you. Then, when you type in something to say to your game partners, it comes out a bit garbled and lisp (‘this is so funny’ comes out ‘thish is shoooooo funny’ on screen). I think the programmers have a fabulous time developing the game.