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01 May 2007

Out of Sorts

I'm still here! But this week is feeling out of sync. The Sabbatical dread is kicking in, no matter how much I truly believe that we aren't behind in finding a renter here, finding a rental out there, etc. There are a few things I should have done by now (write a letter to the principal at the school the girls will be attending to make sure they're placed in appropriate level classes is at the top of my list; oh, and submit passport renewals) that I haven't done. There are too many errands that I need to do with the girls in this shortened week (get their hair cut, get prescription sunglasses for Impera & me, have the lawn mowed, have the house cleaned, etc.), and they've just gotten invited to spend the afternoon with friends. Should I be a mean mom and make them stay home and get some of these things done? I don't know.

I don't feel like I've got anything interesting to say. My mother's coming for a 6-day visit on Thursday (hence, the shortened week; everything has to be done by WEDNESDAY), and we all know how well *those* go for me. For all that I say I won't take things "the wrong way", everything is a judgment. It is.

I'm OK work-wise, but I know I'll get behind during the visit, and I don't have the time to "catch-up" beforehand this week.

I've goofed twice already this week with things I said that shouldn't have said, things I forgot that I shouldn't have forgotten. And believe me, my Internal Nag is not letting me forget it! Easy to say, "turn her off." I can't. Blech.

Stew has asked me some meme questions to answer, and I hope to get that done this evening. I'll have at least one good blog post this week then.

Sorry for the frazzling. Really, things aren't that bad. It just seems it.

Blech redux.