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09 May 2007

Getting Back in the Saddle

We've all talked about it. The difficulty in blogging after taking a few days off. As usual, I've got ideas, but I can't get them from my fingers to the keyboard. You'll just have to make due with this nothing post today, so I can get the juices flowing.

Let's see...

Oh, yeah! The girls had a fencing tournament in Lincoln, Nebraska, this weekend. It was the first time I had ventured into our neighbor to the west (we have visited the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha several times, but that's just across the river, so it doesn't really count).

What a different world. It could just as easily have been October 2001 in Boston or New York, for all the patriotic messages and flag stickers we saw everywhere. I know I pick on Iowa often (heck, I even have an Io-whaaat? label for the blog), but golly gee, we are so much more open-minded than many of the states around us (and, to be fair, I also have an Io-aaaaah label). I don't know if I could live in a place that still lives the jingoism that reared its ugly head in the post-September 11 days.

And I'm sure it says alot about me as a person that I come back from a weekend away with a picture of a hotel room card sleeve, but no pictures of my offspring fencing. (But really, fencing shots all look the same after a while, and with that mask, it could be anyone under there.)