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31 March 2008

Hey You!

Yeah, you. Mr.* IP #12.210.100.# from Cloquet Minnesota, using Mediacom High Speed Internet:

You sick sick bastard. Searching** online for "nasty older sister and sl&t friend stretches sister c&nt apart or.gy" [without the ampersands, of course]. You're not welcome here.

But I'm sure you are thirsty, so before you leave, have this delicious cold drink. That's right, drink it up. It's my special visitor drink. I call it Bleach and Arsenic, Straight Up.

*Is it sexist of me to assume that it was a male?
**I don't know what disturbs me more. That someone was searching for this, or that my site came up as sixth*** of 78,100.
***This isn't as bad as the first site returned: "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody."

Urghhh. I need a shower.