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03 January 2008

Game Playing at Imperatrix's House

Snippets occurring during a game of Rhymation the other night. Time is of the essence; the sands are falling!

Consort: OK. Your character swims too far out in the ocean in World of Warcraft, you have...



Impera: Right before Frodo tossed the Ring, he did this.

Imperatrix: Stumble?

Impera: No.

Imperatrix: Hesitate?

Impera: No!

Imperatrix: Pout?

Impera: Mom!**


Impera: Another word for not sharp.

Imperatrix: Dull!

Impera:No. ... Let's see... It's also a way to use marijuana.

Imperatrix: ???

Imperatrix: ???

Impera: Mom!***

* Fatigue. She sees it all the time on screen when having her character swim rather than take the boat between cities, and would mix up the letters as she would try to say the word.

**I can't remember what this one was. Maybe when the girls get home, I can edit.

***Blunt. I have never heard that term. Others, but never that one. What? So, I'm a nerd who doesn't like cigars. Sheesh! And what's up with Health class? I think they are going too far. Having my daughter know these terms so well it's second nature to use them in a family-friendly game. I tell you!