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06 September 2006

Did you know that some people believe that civil servants--say, postal workers--have no sense of humor? Of course they have a sense of humor!

I've been excited about receiving my last Secret Pal package. My SP noted in the comments this weekend that it was on its way. This being a holiday weekend, I knew I'd have to wait a bit more than usual, but hey, this would just whet my appetite.

Today, my mail carrier must have been on vacation, because instead of gettting my mail at 10:30, it didn't arrived until 5 pm, and was delivered by someone I have never seen before.

"I've got a package for you," she sang as she walked up the porch steps.

"Oh goody! I hope it's what I think it is!" I answered. I didn't jump up and down because I am an adult, and adults don't do that.

Yes! It is a package, and I even took a picture of it before I opened it:

Now, you all are a perceptive bunch. I'm sure you see that little floating magenta arrow. I wondered what an arrow was doing hovering over my package (because you never see magenta arrows after mid June or so in these parts), so I bent down to look:

And so, you see: postal employees do have a sense of humor. QED.

I will be strong, and will not yield to temptation. (This will be good practice for me knowing where the chocolate is in the cabinet but not eating it!)